Rhayn Jooste


Rhayn is a classical guitarist whose interest lies in fusion, stringed instruments and improvisation. He is a commercially aware musician with in-depth experience of the industry obtained through concerts and festivals. He has extensive live experience having gigged as a solo classical guitarist, bassist in a Celtic Goth Rock band, Bluehorses as well as original rock outfit, Sankara. He has written and contributed to five commercial releases with his solo debut EP - Angel out now.
Available as a guitarist for hire at weddings, funerals and bar mitzvahs; service and prices to be found on .

Presently he is about to release his 2nd solo record: Paris EP and is Guitar Editor for the blog site

A multi-instrumentalist, who shares, writes and elucidates music in a fusion of genres. His pieces reflect this musical heritage where classical, rock, metal and jazz reside. It is the pure joy of utilising sound to create a magical world which others can share that inspires him. As a pedagogue he approaches the guitar as an instrument of boundless opportunities for all, no matter their experience. As such can has written articles for Bass Musician Magazine, CGRocks as well as video lessons on Youtube and Vimeo. He has extensive lessons available free through the portal above.
He is an independent academic with Masters degree in Music, Culture & Politics, who has also published articles that delve into the musicology and history of Cuba and the Caribbean.
Currently working as a freelance writer for Classical Guitar Magazine and Bass Musician Magazine; Guitar Editor of CGRocks and Area Leader for classical guitar in the Junior Conservatoire of The Royal Welsh College; Playing guitar and writing for new Rock band Secretly Demons who will be releasing their debut EP in 2016.