Rhayn Jooste Bio

In a Nutshell

Rhayn‘s musical journey began Down Under, drumming, grooving on bass, and wielding percussion magic in Australian school competitions. This early passion led him across the globe to Bath Spa University in the UK, where he honed his skills in performance, theory, and composition, graduating with honors.

Fuelled by a thirst for knowledge, Rhayn’s academic odyssey continued at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, earning a Post Graduate Diploma in Performance. Finally, at Cardiff University, he delved into the rich tapestry of music, culture, and politics, with a Master’s degree focusing on Cuba’s history and the fascinating “hybridity” explored in the music of Leo Brouwer (the subject of his captivating dissertation).

Today, Rhayn wears multiple hats. He’s a freelance writer, weaving words with the same finesse he once applied to drum rolls. As Guitar Editor for the “Classical Guitar Rocks” blog, he keeps the strings singing online. And, of course, he continues to make music his own, releasing solo projects that echo his diverse and enriching journey.


Embracing the Strings:

Rhayn’s musical journey began at 22, embarking on the classical guitar under the tutelage of Neil Smith. This initial spark ignited a passion that led him to renowned instructors like Tom Kerstens, James Woodrow, John Mills, and Eleftheria Kotzia. Mastering his craft, Rhayn honed his skills in prestigious institutions like B.S.U.C., Cardiff University, and R.W.C.M.D.

Masterclass Moments:

His thirst for knowledge extended beyond solo practice. Rhayn actively sought the wisdom of guitar masters like Gary Ryan, Eric Roche, John Dearman, et. al.; and the legendary Leo Brouwer. At the Cordoba Guitar Festival in Spain, Brouwer himself awarded him a certificate for 20th-century guitar composition.

Beyond the Six Strings:

Rhayn’s musical curiosity wasn’t confined to the modern guitar. He delved into the lute’s rich history under Dr. Matthew Spring and Matthew Nisbet, further enriching his understanding of music’s evolution.

Nurturing the Next Generation:

Teaching became Rhayn’s natural extension. He began in 2000, assisting with the International Guitar Festival’s outreach program. Over the years, he honed his pedagogical skills through Cardiff and Vale Music Service, designing and running the Vale of Glamorgan’s guitar program. This dedication earned him a teaching certificate and the trust to lead the R.W.C.M.D.’s Junior Conservatoire for five years. He has over two decades of teaching experience, across various abilities and levels.

From Assembly Rooms to Rock Festivals:

Rhayn’s live experience is as diverse as his musical interests. From solo recitals and chamber ensembles to wandering minstrels at the Cirencester Arts Festival, his presence has graced stages across genres. He even donned the bass mantle for Celtic rockers “The Bluehorses,” conquering festivals like Cambridge Rock, Solfest, and Mayfest.

Rockin’ the South Wales Scene:

For two years, Rhayn’s six strings laid the foundation for the original rock band “Sankara.” With airplay across the globe and performances at renowned festivals like Cambridge Rock, their EP and full-length album cemented his rock credentials.

Rhayn’s story is a testament to the boundless possibilities of music. He is a testament to the dedication that unlocks mastery, the curiosity that expands horizons, and the passion that ignites both soloist and audience.