New Guitar Music: A Ballad by Rhayn Jooste

Rhayn Jooste A Ballad

  A Ballad. This beautiful piece: A Ballad by Rhayn Jooste, brand new for 2017, is part of a freebie giveaway for guitarists. Scroll down for more info and to watch. Rhayn Jooste is giving away his dots to his debut composition: A Ballad. Just sign up to the mailing list & choose your free dots. … Read more

Barrios’ Prelude from The Cathedral Lesson

Cardiff Guitar Lessons

So here is another article I have written for Classical Guitar Magazine it features the hugely talented, and alluring, Muriel Anderson on the front cover. Along with a whole host of cool articles and inspiring lessons, as per usual. Due to the wonders of the modern age you get all of that free online with … Read more

Sor Study No. 13 Op. 29 Lesson

Cardiff Guitar Lessons

This post is just to make available the link and some information on the next guitar lesson for Classical Guitar Magazine. Op. 29 study no. 13 by the great Fernado Sor. This lesson is basically all about getting to grips with the barre technique. It will strengthen your left hand until it starts to resemble … Read more

Recuerdos de al Alhambra Lesson

Cardiff Guitar Lessons

The Fall 2016 edition of Classical guitar Magazine has an article written by myself which deals with that amazing piece: Recuerdos de al Alhambra by the father of modern classical guitar Francisco Tarrega. The piece is not about the tremolo technique though, it deals with getting to grips with learning the chords and moving across … Read more

Rhayn Jooste Paris EP Promo

Rhayn Jooste Paris EP

Below is the first exclusive look at the promo video to Rhayn Jooste’s 2nd solo guitar effort: the Paris EP, which is released July 2016.   This snippet is a quote from the Joe Pass version of Autumn Leaves which Rhayn has utilized as a coda within his own arrangements. He has also used a free … Read more

Press Release Paris EP Rhayn Jooste

Rhayn Jooste Guitar

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Rhayn Jooste Releasing Solo Guitar EP Available digitally worldwide On Saturday day July 18, Rhayn Jooste will release his anticipated 2nd solo guitar EP – “Paris”; available to download worldwide. The concept behind this 2nd EP first germinated on a trip to Paris: the idea was to capture the nostalgic … Read more

Villa-Lobos Etude No. 1 & CG Magazine

Cardiff Guitar Lessons

If you haven’t yet got a copy of Classical Guitar magazine no. 382, the Summer 2016 edition, then you wouldn’t know about all the awesome articles and tips contained within it, along with a lesson I contributed on Villa-Lobos’s Etude No. 1. This video below is a companion to that article and shows you how … Read more

Paris EP

Rhayn Jooste Paris EP

Paris EP Release   July 2016 sees the long awaited release of Rhayn Jooste’s second solo guitar release: Paris EP. This EP is a set of 5 intimate solo guitar pieces from the last century arranged for this century. Inspired by the late great Jazz master Joe Pass the songs encompass the musical passion and warfare of … Read more