Rhayn Jooste Paris EP Promo

Below is the first exclusive look at the promo video to Rhayn Jooste’s 2nd solo guitar effort: the Paris EP, which is released July 2016.


This snippet is a quote from the Joe Pass version of Autumn Leaves which Rhayn has utilized as a coda within his own arrangements. He has also used a free plugin from Izotope called Vinyle to recreate stepping through old records, it begins in 1930 and ends up in 2016 with a full stereo spectrum spread and volume. Lo-fi and vinyl are the new black this year!

The EP will be available for pre-order soon, if you are interested just fill in the contact form on the main site or head over to the store and leave your details there.


“Rhayn’s technique is faultless but it’s the feel and emotion that he gets from each piece that’s so magical. And it’s that which makes ‘Paris’ such a joy to listen to.”

Welsh Connections Magazine

For the full review click: here


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