New Guitar Music: A Ballad by Rhayn Jooste

Rhayn Jooste A Ballad

  A Ballad. This beautiful piece: A Ballad by Rhayn Jooste, brand new for 2017, is part of a freebie giveaway for guitarists. Scroll down for more info and to watch. Rhayn Jooste is giving away his dots to his debut composition: A Ballad. Just sign up to the mailing list & choose your free dots. … Read more

Rhayn Jooste Paris EP Promo

Rhayn Jooste Paris EP

Below is the first exclusive look at the promo video to Rhayn Jooste’s 2nd solo guitar effort: the Paris EP, which is released July 2016.   This snippet is a quote from the Joe Pass version of Autumn Leaves which Rhayn has utilized as a coda within his own arrangements. He has also used a free … Read more

Press Release Paris EP Rhayn Jooste

Rhayn Jooste Guitar

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Rhayn Jooste Releasing Solo Guitar EP Available digitally worldwide On Saturday day July 18, Rhayn Jooste will release his anticipated 2nd solo guitar EP – “Paris”; available to download worldwide. The concept behind this 2nd EP first germinated on a trip to Paris: the idea was to capture the nostalgic … Read more

Paris EP

Rhayn Jooste Paris EP

Paris EP Release   July 2016 sees the long awaited release of Rhayn Jooste’s second solo guitar release: Paris EP. This EP is a set of 5 intimate solo guitar pieces from the last century arranged for this century. Inspired by the late great Jazz master Joe Pass the songs encompass the musical passion and warfare of … Read more

Plectrum Co-ordination

Cardiff Guitar Tutor

Featured Guitar Lesson Picking & Co-ordination     Aim: Practise coordinating the Left and Right hands. Level: Beginners to Intermediate. This foundation exercise is a great warm up for both hands. Guitar playing on a basic level is nothing more than good co-ordination of left and right hands. Follow the  plectrum stroke directions closely; start … Read more